aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga combines elements of yoga, dance, Pilates and acrobatics into a functional body workout that is practiced with a vertically - looped fabric hanging from the ceiling like a swing.

Aerial Yoga has a beneficial effect on strength, flexibility, perception of space and coordination, it works the connective tissue (fascia), positively influences your mood and counteracts stress - and all of this almost simultaneously.


The deep core muscles and the sense of balance are particularly impacted and challenged by the ever-moving fabric. And then there is the swinging, floating and effortlessly turning upside down - easily accessible, therapeutically and regeneratively almost unique in the world of movement.


Playing with gravity allows the joints and the spine to decompress and hydrate.

With expert guidance Aerial Yoga can be easily learned and is suitable for healthy people of all ages. Aerial Yoga definitely brings a piece of circus or playground into everyday life.


Are you not sure if you are airworthy?

open level

weekly juicy

75min classes
taught in a flow-style
suitable for everyone


90 -120 min classes:
beginners workshops

acrobatic specials
optional advanced

flow classes


in depth courses

for aspiring aerial yoga teachers or to establish

an independent

home practice

private flights

up to max. 2 participants suitable for people who prefer a 1 on 1 set up

or for people with

special needs


Aerial Yoga Retreat Bali - one week full of

Aerial Yoga, breathtaking nature, delicious food

and immersing into Balinese culture.

Aerial Yoga Retreat Bali coming soon...


Spend a week in a Boutique Yoga Retreat Center that is nestled into jungle and rice paddies and tucked away from the vibrant village of

Ubud in beautiful Bali.


Christine is a free spirit and connected to body art since she can remember.

She discovered the world through professional synchronized swimming, dancing, traveling the world, living as a nomad, adapting a planet-friendly lifestyle, experimenting with the Human Design System, practicing aerial acrobatics and yoga.


She has been practicing and teaching yoga in various forms

for more than 12 years. Numerous trainings and formations all around

the globe (700 hours +) complement her passion.


Christine’s teaching style is dedicated and sound, sparkled with grace, charm and some serious fun. She always encourages students to get out of their comfort zone and to turn their world upside down.


Based in Basel, Christine teaches in German and English and loves

to go on the road with her silks around Switzerland and abroad.


Christine in collaboration with:

The mint Studios guarantee

a steady schedule in professional training rooms. 

Come in and fly out!

mint Studios Basel

YogaCorner in Schlieren has a beautiful airport to take off once in a while!

Check their schedule and

come on board.

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Offer an airport yourself? Would you like to offer Aerial Yoga in

your studio? Let's talk!

Aerial Yoga Christine Furler
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